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    This “Santa Barbara Divorce Archives” site has been set up to make public the research data and other information collected as a part of the Santa Barbara Divorce Project. The Santa Barbara Divorce Project seeks to establish and to demonstrate an “Evidence-Based Practice of Law.” The actual practice is referred to as Burke Family Law; Cholmondeley-CLE.com is the side producing breakthrough Continuing Legal Education. The side now working on public education is tentatively labelled ‘Cholmondeley for the People!”

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    I. Santa Barbara Divorce Project

    a. Summary of Six-Year Longitudinal Census [1 p.]
    b. Report of Six-Year Longitudinal Census[16 p. link]
    c. Report of Six-Year Longitudinal Survey (“Replication”)[2 p.]
    d. Comparison of Findings[1 p.]
    e. Census Data  use this link to get to the green links 1-11 below

    1. Handwritten table [31 p.] 
    2. Word table[15 p.] 
    3. Excel spreadsheet[15 p.] 
    4. Reconciliation[20 p.]
    5. Comparison to other counties 1
    6. Comparison to other counties 2
    7. Descriptive Stats (Frame)[6 p.]
    8. Descriptive Stats (7-17-05)[4 p.]
    9. Final Reconciliation[1 p.]
    10. Trial case Interval[1 p.]
    11. Table of exclusion [3 p.]

    f. Survey Data use this link to get to the green links 1-6 below

    1. Random numbers [1 p.]
    2. Sample Tabulated [2 p.] link
    3. Graph comparing counties [2 p.] link
    4. Data set = 50 [3 p.]link
    5. 1st 50 by duration [2 p.] link
    6. Supplemental sample [1 p.]

    g. Contributors [1 p.]

    h. Profile of Contributors according to discipline[1 p.]

    2. Guerilla Research

    3.Introduction to Bibliographies[2 p.] link

    a.Book references to Duration of Divorce[3 p.] link
    b. Journal references to Duration of Divorce [2 p.] link
    c. Use of Grief Model: Journals[1 p.]
    d.Classic Articles[14 p.] link

    4.Demographics of Santa Barbara County

    5.Grief Models click here for links to models

    a. Heuristic [1p.]
    b. Unitary Model [1p.]
    c.Modified Model for Divorce (Theory)[1p.]
    d.Modified Model for Divorce (Practice) [1p.]
    e.Yale Hypotheses[1p.]
    f.Yale Data[1p.]
    g.Yale Model[1p.]
    h.Yale Report – Journal of the American Medical Association[1p.] link
    i. Other models & essay use this link to get to green links 1-5  below

    1. Process Table[4 p.] link
    2. Essay on Bargaining [4 p.] link
    3. Shock & Denial – detail[1 p.]
    4. Anger & Rage – detail [1 p.]
    5. Venn Diagram of Grief [1 p.]

    6. Noozhawk Columns 145 fortnightly columns as of 9/30/16

    7. Frame-Burke Article Journal of Divorce & Remarriage

    The Santa Barbara Divorce Archive is sponsored by the Santa Barbara Divorce Project, Cholmondeley Productions and Burke Family Law & Mediation.